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Quality assurance (QA) is a process used to ensure that products and services meet a certain standard of quality. QA processes are based on a set of standards, methods, and procedures that ensure that products and services comply with all applicable requirements and provide the best possible customer experience. QA for websites and applications involves testing the user experience (UX), functionality, and performance of the product.
QA is an important part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and is typically conducted by a dedicated team of Quality Assurance professionals. The goal of QA is to identify and address any issues that may affect the user experience, functionality, or performance of the product. QA processes are designed to identify and fix issues before they reach the customer.

We Offer Following QA Services

1. Test Planning and Execution

2. User Acceptance Testing

3. Automation Testing

4. Regression Testing

5. Performance Testing

6. Security Testing

7. Usability Testing

8. CrossBrowser Compatibility Testing

9. Accessibility Testing

10. Mobile Application Testing

QA for websites and applications typically includes the following steps:
Requirements Analysis: This step involves analyzing the requirements of the product and identifying any potential issues or problems that could arise.
Design Review: This step involves reviewing the design of the product to ensure it meets the requirements and is user-friendly.
Test Planning: This step involves creating a test plan that outlines the testing objectives, test cases, and expected results.
Test Execution: This step involves executing the test plan and recording the results.
 Test Reporting: This step involves creating reports on the test results and identifying any issues or problems that need to be addressed.
Test Maintenance: This step involves monitoring the performance of the product and updating the test plan as needed. 

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