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Smartphone apps has seen a sea of change in the recent years, in spite of the fact that the Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the recent times are only the tip of the iceberg and the harbinger of a new revolution. Our versatile mobility applications extend on diverse mobile devices to give a completely new perspective to your business turning around the quality of life for all stakeholders.

As a mobile application development company, our solutions help extend the back office data required by the field force and converge into a trilogy for addressing and adapting to the changing needs of enterprise, Employees, Customers and Mobile Devices. The Bring Your Own Device enhances the usage of enterprise mobility thereby improvising productivity and enabling enterprises to realize a faster RoI.

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Application Development Services

As a young and dynamic iPhone App Development Company, we offer ingenious mobile Applications and Solutions to work on the complete range of Apple devices.

We provide simple, elegant and adept customized solutions for the iPhone and the iPad, exploiting the powers of its powerful platform. Our dedicated iOS developers provide you with a wide range of quality applications and solutions for businesses using the built-in tools and services available on the latest Apple OS, iCloud, and other platforms. This facilitates new ways of showcasing products and services. The easy integration with business solutions and communication techniques along with portability encourage us to deliver apps for you to turn the iPads and iPhones into an integral part of an enterprise workflow that make the business solution truly mobile, increasing the efficiency of the workforce and the productivity of the enterprise itself.

Android Application Development

Android applications have gained great popularity in the last few years becoming a preferred platform not only for entertainment and social networking but also for enterprise applications. Android phones and tablets are available as a wide range of cost effective devices and today power millions of mobile devices across the globe making it the largest installed base for any mobile platform.

Windows Mobile Application Development

The Windows Mobile genre of mobile operating systems from Microsoft, which is based on the .NET Windows Mobile Framework for smartphones and pocket PCs, is one of the oldest mobile platforms, whose journey began with Windows CE for handheld portable devices then moved on to Pocket PC 2000, based on Windows CE 3.0, and later to Windows Mobile operating system as is known today. The usage of Microsoft .Net Compact Framework & SQL CE as database makes this platform robust, trustworthy and stable.

Windows Mobile solutions has become an industry standard and a requirement by most of the large enterprises as it is the answer for apps for rugged devices which are designed to work in difficult environments with extreme temperatures, humidity or even underwater. Having Windows CE 5.0 as its basis, Windows Mobile boasts of features like shell and communications functionality. It promoted groundbreaking touch screen technology on extremely portable sizes in its time and even today.

Cross Platform Application Development

Maintaining uniformity across platforms for mobile applications and enterprise mobile solutions is the biggest challenge faced by app developers across the globe especially for solutions that are planned using BYOD, where the target mobile platform is unknown.

The differences between the platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows are escalating.

Native applications, work the best on the platform for which they have been developed and can be harnessed to bring the results when required. But when the applications need to work across multiple platforms and devices, different set of code needs to be written and maintained for different platforms. Managing such scenarios for enterprise applications can become a challenge with increased time, QA efforts and costs.

Cross platform mobile application development solves these issues to a large extent. With the advent of technologies like HTML5, cross platform development has now become possible. Apps developed in cross platform technologies not only provide similar user experiences reaching out to a larger audience, but also promote the use of new technologies keeping the development costs drastically low as compared to developing individual applications for each platform. HTML5, JQuery, and CSS3; standardized web development technologies which are software and hardware independent, give our applications and solutions the aptness to perform anywhere and everywhere rolling out mobile applications in the Cross platform genre.

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