Touted for its security and recordkeeping, blockchain is picking up steam in the public sector.

Understanding Blockchain

There are enough new technologies today that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. One technology that is leaving a lasting mark is blockchain. The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (and every other cryptocurrency), is quickly becoming a household name. Here is a brief look into blockchain technology, how it works, and what kind of innovations businesses can use to make it work for them.

Ways of Blockchain Technology

Data sharing

The decentralized framework of a blockchain provides organizations.


Each transaction is reliably stored so that both parties have transparent access

Cloud storage

The decentralized framework of a blockchain provides oA blockchain-based token system can provide organizations of all sizes .rganizations.

Access control

Setting up a token-based system, you can streamline access.


Blockchain-based payment constructs have the potential to process error-less.

Smart contracts

Ccould conceivably store this information on the blockchain, removing any doubt.

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